General FAQs

What exactly are you building? +

We are building a weather index product that protects you against poor weather based on where you farm, what you grow or raise, and when you plant. It acts like insurance against bad weather, to help you maintain a certain level of income.

In addition to expanding the coverage of insurance, our model follows an automatic payout scheme. To learn more about this, please click here

When will your product be available? +

We will be releasing the beta version of our product end of February/early March. We will be going into market before the first winter crops are sowed.

What will your product cover? +

The first iteration of our product will be covering wheat and canola. We will be adding crops to our product sometime in the near future.

Beta Testers

How do I become a beta tester? +

Become a beta tester by sending us an email at

Why are you looking for beta testers? +

We are looking for beta testers so that the farming community can have an active voice in developping our product.

Who can become a beta tester? +

We are mainly interested in farmers who are interested in upcoming new technologies! To become a beta tester, send us an email at

Why should I become a beta tester? +

  • Be the first to try out our cutting-edge technology in the agricultural sector!

  • Contribute your opinion — you will shape the development of our project!

  • Discover new technologies

Will I be paid for being a beta tester? +

Unfortunately, you will not be financially compensated.

What happens to the data I enter? +

The data you enter will not be kept. It is purely for interactive purposes.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to shoot us an email at or fill out this form here.