Hillridge Technology is building a weather based insurance product for farmers in Australia and beyond.

Every farm is unique. But every farmer is affected by the weather. That's why we're here to help.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help farmers mitigate the financial impact of poor weather on their crops or livestock.  

Who We Are

We are a technology start-up company building weather-index protection for farmers in Australia and beyond. We're creating a product that acts like insurance, but with far better coverage than traditional crop or livestock insurance, in a way that is tailored to your farm. 

How we are different

We start with you, the farmer. 

For too long, insurance companies have forced farmers to take on the burden of bad weather, a risk completely out of the farmer's control. When insurance providers try to cover weather perils, they often over-estimate the risk, driving your premiums up. Buying is complicated. Making a claim is even more time-consuming, painful and uncertain. The whole process is messy, outdated, and inefficient. But, most importantly, the insurance companies are incentivised against you—they profit when you do not get paid.   

That’s why we built Hillridge Technology. We understand how weather impacts your yields and affects your livestock. We are creating a platform that protects you against the weather risks that most affect your farming operation. Your premium will be based on the likelihood of poor weather based on where and what you farm, not your claims history. The decision to pay comes from a trusted weather data source, not the arbitrary judgement of an insurance assessor. Payments are automatically triggered using self-executing contracts when certain weather conditions have been met.

No longer will your claim against weather damage to your crops or livestock be at the discretion of the insurance companies. No more uncertainty. No more waiting. Hillridge Technology is made for you.